UK’s largest event for the hospitality and foodservice industry in 2019


Salon Culinaire


Salon Culinaire is the UK’s largest and most prestigious chef competition programme. It will comprise four competition categories – Salon Display, Live Theatre, Skills Theatre and La Parade des Chefs – which will showcase the terrific skills and talent within our industry. There will be over 85 different competitions taking place over the three days of the show, with hundreds of chefs competing from across all industry sectors.

Salon Culinaire Results

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Salon Display

Salon Display

A stunning display of hand-crafted exhibits that will include work in sugar, chocolate, pastillage and fat, as well as vibrant platters and restaurant plates.


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Skills Theatre

Skills Theatre

A programme of classes for chefs at the start of their career (apprentices, students and those new to competitions), which will enable them to hone and demonstrate the skills that will be vital to their career such as fish filleting, butchery, knife skills, pastry decorating etc, plus the Skills Theatre will also include some service competitions that will challenge front of house staff.




Live Theatre

Live Theatre

A back to back series of hot cooking classes which will take place throughout the day in 8 x adjacent work-stations for chefs of all levels of experience. Plus there is a Cook & Serve competition which will enable front of house staff to compete.


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La Parade des Chefs

Lunchtime Service

A junior team will be invited to compete each day in La Parade des Chefs, and will be tasked with providing a 3 course lunch for 100 covers, which will be sold to show attendees for £32.00. Just A Drop charity and Hospitality Action will each receive £1.00 from each booking.

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College Canape Competition


Plus on the evenings of Monday 23rd January and Tuesday 24th January La Parade des Chefs will host the College Canapé Competition, where a team of students will be invited to prepare and serve both food and beverages to a VIP audience.


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